Welcome to modern smarter farm control

Custom made to perform

You know what is best for your farm. Combine this knowledge with our experience in automatic milking. Make your choice and build your own Lely Astronaut specific to your goals. Bright farming is yours by choice. Taking care of your most valuable possession: your cows. Healthy cows save costs, time and drive milk production. Get more control on cow health and make the right decisions with advanced sensors and easy to use information. This will secure your revenues.

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Increase your milk yield

Getting the most out of your production capacity implicates optimal interaction between udder capacity, available data and hardware. And being backed up by dedicated professional farm management support. Increase your robot capacity with an extra 10-15%, optimize your herd’s production and get more milk in the tank.

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Monitor your equipment

Equipment remote control. Enables not only to monitor your equipment, but to change settings and parameters. Automated data collecting. Significantly improves the capability of facility managers to quickly identify potential problems and to manage them even from outside the facility.

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Let us help you with innovative solutions to fulfill your desired future or today’s demands. That’s why your goals are ours, we want to support you in finding the best value-added solutions. The long term relationship with our farmers is based on trust. We are eager to know what drives our customers, what you consider to be most important. Only then are we able to present you with custom-made solutions, solely designed for your farm. Bright farming is yours by choice.

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Modern smarter farm control: You depend on your heavy equipment.

  • Increase Efficiency
  • Optimize Utilization
  • Prevent Downtime
  • Control Labour Costs
  • Improve Security
  • Decrease in Repair Times

Monitoring equipment can be vital to understanding and to curbing inefficiencies in one of the most valuable investments in your business. Equipment reporting gives you on-site hours and hours worked over the course of any period of time so that you can improve equipment deployment decisions. Reduce expenses and costly breakdowns with timely service and maintenance reporting. Trim fuel expenses, decrease wear and tear and extend the lifespan of your equipment.

What Happens When You Sleep? Expand your line of sight to remote operations and learn how equipment is used or left idle for optimized equipment deployment.